At GT Performance Horses we strive to produce happy, well broke reining horses by creating in them a “Blue Collar Work Ethic”. My goal is to encourage horses to come out every day knowing that they have a job to do, and help them progress and improve while enjoying that job. Every horse is an individual, and in the end you have to let them show you how they want to do things. A willing horse is a happy, winning horse. My approach to horse training is to stress the basics, (steer left, steer right, whoa means stop, keep their body soft and supple from head to tail). Each horse has a program tailored to their individual job. On a Rookie or Non Pro horse, I stress simplicity of performance so that they are easy for the owner to show. Whereas an Open or Non Pro Aged Event horse is asked to perform at an even higher level. Although I’m willing to accept a horses’ limitations during the training process, I’ve had considerable success in getting more out of my horses than was expected by both their owners and sometimes even previous trainers. Many of my show successes have come on horses that had either been written off as “used up” or “not enough” to get the job done. I get a thrill out of winning on horses that were previously thought to be “underachievers”. I also take pride in meeting the expectations of my clients through regular communication, very simple billing and a concerted effort to keep all of their costs as affordable as possible. For my clients who live out of the area, I make every effort to send videos and pictures as often as possible. I sit down with every perspective client to garner an understanding of where they see themselves in the industry, and what their goals are for themselves and their horses. If at any point I feel that I will not be able to attain those goals, I convey that to my client so we can plan a new strategy and move forward for future success. If you have additional questions or comments, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these with you at any time. Phone calls, texts, emails or a personal visit are always welcome.

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